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I volunteer for Big Broter Big Sister of Central Indiana. Some of you may be aware of this. I find it hard at times to make a decision as to what my "little brother" and I should do when we are hanging out. All he wants to do is play video games. I like video games and all, but I'd rather do something more productive. It seems anytime I make a suggestion and he doesnt want to do it he just changes his mood completely. Its more of a silent protest, he wont respond to anything I say, he will just sit there and ignore me. Its quite frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas or a solution? Is there anyone out there that is more "kid savvy" than myself? Last night my little brother and I were hanging out, and this kid kept was terrible...they were super concentrated..I just kept following him around with febreeze.....
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i think you should try to get him out doing something else, but i definitely don't know the best way to go about it. that sounds like a good question for some parents with experience, so i'll leave it to them.

i must say that i am still very proud of you for volunteering. i hope you figure this out!

swell, 3938 days ago   

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t is more than likely an "I'm looking for structure and boundaries" issue. (Depending on his home life)
I just finished reading this book called The Strong Willed Child. I actually got it because of Payton, but learned from it that it is not her at all. It is me. She may only be two, but if she wants to get herself dressed in the morning, I need to just get up 15 minutes early and let her do it. Fighting with her because we are pushed for time and me getting her dressed is in a way holding her back. I did however learn how do "direct" Ayden in the right directions. He is not a bad child at all, but as you have seen, if he does not get his way he goes about the pouting or in your case, silent treatment. The farting part........well besides the fact that boys are gross! ha.........could very well be the same issue. It is his way of getting your attention, but in the wrong way. (most) children without structured lives will use these attention getting mechanisms as a sign that they not only need but WANT someone to tell them to stop. To set the boundaries and punish them for video games if you are going to act that way.

Positive reinforcement and redirecting their attention. Two main keys......"hey come on....lets go throw football for half an hour and we can play a few games before you go."......."I got us this new board game...its pretty intense! I bet you can't beat me!"

It is all in the way you word things. He is not going to be interested in going out to "throw football" (or whatever it is he does not want to do" if there is not an award. add 15 minutes of game time onto guys will have a blast outside.

Or try making things sound more fun or "cool". Make it a fun type of competition. Kids love it.

Maybe this is too in depth.......maybe it is not enough. If this is a serious problem you want to talk about, you know you can always call and I will give you my best advice. otherwise....good luck and I am proud of you for sticking with it.

pixylayne, 3937 days ago   

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this ones obvious: take a febreeze bath together

jayOh, 3937 days ago   

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